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The Airport Concession Database (2024)

A comprehensive 350+ page report featuring over 150 duty free, retail, travel value and F&B operators at more 200 airports worldwide. The expanded and updated 2024 version of The Airport Concessions Database 2024 also includes information on the current ownership of airport duty free, duty free & travel value, duty paid, and food and beverage concessions around the world, as well their expiry dates (where applicable and available).


Airport Food & Beverage Study – Australia & New Zealand...

The inaugural edition of the Airport Food & Beverage Study – Australia & New Zealand Edition (AFABS AU+NZ) was conceived by The Mercurius Group (TMG) in association with The Moodie Davitt Report (TMDR) to shed some much-needed light on the airport Food and (F&B) sector in Australia and New Zealand (AU+NZ)

Concession Agreements: Guide for Airport Managers &...

The report provides guidance and a set of tools that can be used by airport operators and concessionaires and is focused on how to develop and maintain successful business relationships in a changing world, regardless of the ownership and regulatory model, operations patterns, geographical location, or traffic levels of an airport.


Airport Concessions Database Report (2021)

The 430-page Airport Concessions Database Report assesses the pre-COVID pandemic sales performance of duty free retail and food & beverage concessions at over 200 airports in more than 85 countries around the world based on the benchmarking of specific key performance indicators like spend per passenger as well as sales per square metre.

Retail Optimization for Small & Medium-Sized Airports...

The White Paper provides a comprehensive guide to retail optimization for small- and medium-sized airports. It covers a wide range of topics, from understanding the customer journey to developing effective marketing strategies. The White Paper provides a comprehensive guide to retail optimization for small- and medium-sized airports.


Aircraft Rescue Firefighting Benchmarking Report (2021)

The Aircraft Rescue Firefighting Benchmarking Report (2021) provides an overview of key airport firefighting metrics for 75 airports across 24 countries handling over 8.2 billion passengers (based on 2019 actuals, pre-pandemic), spanning various governance models including operational government departments and government-owned companies, as well as not-for-profit and privately-held companies.


Airport Hotel Study – Australia & New Zealand Edition...

As hotels increasingly become a key feature of an airport’s services both in terms of customer satisfaction and revenue to airports, the demand for a definitive study on the sectors from airports, hotel operators, planners, architects, and investors has grown – demand now fulfilled by the AHS.


Airport Commercial Sales Benchmarking Report (2020)

The 270-page Airport Commercial Sales Benchmarking Report assesses the revenue performance of retail (including duty-free and duty-paid) and food & beverage operations at over 140 airports and airport groups in 60 countries around the world based on the benchmarking of specific key performance indicators like spend per passenger and sales per square metre. 

Published May 2023

Policy Paper: Sustainable Airport Ground Access

The policy paper provides a concise, high-level overview of the benefits and goals of sustainable ground access, solutions that airports can consider, and a sustainability collaboration framework. The three pillars of sustainability (environmental, social, and economic) must be considered to achieve sustainable ground access.


Airport Operator Financial Health Report (2019)

The 160-page Airport Operator Financial Health Report (2019) provides a snapshot of the financial health of 100 airport operators across 50 countries handling over 4.8 billion passengers and approximately USD83 billion in gross revenues in the 2019 financial year, analyzed by region, ownership structure and scale of operations, using 19 metrics across four categories.

Courses & Seminars


Airport Investor Boot Camp

Covers the fundamentals of airport prCivate sector investment, development and operations. The course explores key factors driving the growing global airport privatization trend, including examination of the often conflicting government, operator, investor, contractor, airline and community objectives.

Airport Strategic Master Planning Boot Camp

Designed for novice airport planners and experienced professionals, this course addresses traditional subjects such as forecasting, planning the various components of the airport system, as well as the structure and purpose of an airport master plan, placing it in the context of greater regional planning.

Airport Communications Master Class Series: Listening...

The airport industry has been severely impacted and transformed by COVID-19. While passenger numbers are returning to pre-pandemic levels, it’s hardly business as usual. From staffing shortages and resource scarcity to talent acquisition and retention, airports worldwide are improvising their way through these unprecedented challenges.

Airport Commercial Business Training Course

The course is comprised of five modules on the fundamentals to an airport’s non-aeronautical revenue streams. We cover the economics of commercial business to airports, understanding an airport’s customers, how to maximize revenue whilst minimizing the risk, terminal design to optimize commercial success and the role of industry supporters.

Air Transportation System Boot Camp

Air Transportation System (ATS) course focuses on the various air transportation system components and the complexities associated with the global air transportation system as a whole, with respect to political, socio-economic, ecological and technological sustainability and development.

Products & Services


Inspire Infosol - Aviation SBU Airports Products

Inspire Infosol's AI-powered Analytics as a Service platform offers a 360-degree view of airport operations, leveraging machine learning for diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytics. With role-based access, interactive visualization, and tailored reporting, stakeholders gain insights into baggage, passengers, concessions and more. Seamlessly integrated and scalable, the Inspire Infosol suite of solutions optimizes airport efficiency, ensuring data-driven decision-making and tech-enabled operational excellence.

Simpleway Airport CX Cloud Solution

Airport CX is a cloud-based platform which lets you streamline all your airport’s audio and visual communication with your passengers and internal teams. It is an all-in-one solution that gives you the power to create, manage, and display dynamic screen content, while simultaneously synchronizing voice paging to your public address system. By providing real-time, accurate information to your customers, this powerful solution will help you deliver an elevated customer experience.

Pantheon Airport Contract Management Solution

Contract management is an essential part of any business, and it is important to have a system in place that can manage the process effectively. One solution that can help organizations streamline their contract management process is the Odyssey Contract Management System (OCMS).

Assaia ApronAI Aircraft Stand Turn-around Real-time...

ApronAI is an AI based software system monitors turnarounds through existing ramp cameras and provides situational awareness. It automatically generates event timestamps, hazardous situation alerts, and predictions. Solution ensures that airport, carriers and handlers have the most accurate turn-time data to do better turn planning, intervention, and recovery.