Airport Food & Beverage Study – Australia & New Zealand Edition (2020-21)

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The inaugural edition of the Airport Food & Beverage Study – Australia & New Zealand Edition (AFABS AU+NZ) was conceived by The Mercurius Group (TMG) in association with The Moodie Davitt Report (TMDR) to shed some much-needed light on the airport Food and (F&B) sector in Australia and New Zealand (AU+NZ) including:

  • Overall size of the industry in terms of estimated sales;
  • Types of F&B outlets currently provided;
  • Benchmarking of outlet densities;
  • Key operators, including local, multi-national and major brands, ranked by sales;
  • Nature of F&B programs by airport terminal;
  • How F&B programs are built at airports; and
  • Key opportunities for industry consolidation.

As F&B becomes an increasingly important source of customer satisfaction and revenue to airports (explained in further detail in Section 1.2 below), the demand for a definitive study on the sector from airports, F&B operators, planners, architects and investors has grown – a demand now fulfilled by the AFABS AU+NZ.

The Mercurius Group provides strategy, space planning, performance, financial performance evaluation, concept development and feasibility, tenancy planning and leasing services to the travel retail sector. Our clients include airports, retailers, brands, governments, planners, architects, financiers and investors, while our sector coverage includes F&B, duty free, specialty retail, advertising, hotels, car parking, car rental and ground transport.

Our consultants all have the combination of both strategic and operational travel retail experience and have worked for either airports, retailers or brands (and in some cases all three). The Mercurius Group team have also completed multiple industry studies including: the global 2018 Airport Commercial Revenues Study; and the 2016 Airport Car Parking Study (both published jointly by The Mercurius Group and The Moodie Davitt Report). As a result, we understand what is required of an industry study and what is important to the various participants in the industry. We also know how to add value to our clients and how best to improve the financial returns from airport commercial activity.