Airport Communications Master Class Series: Listening for Airport Leaders Segment

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Course Synopsis


The airport industry has been severely impacted and transformed by the COVID-19 pandemic. While passenger numbers are returning to pre-pandemic levels, it’s hardly business as usual. From staffing shortages and resource scarcity, to talent acquisition and retention, airports worldwide are improvising their way through these unprecedented challenges, with inconsistent outcomes. As a result, people are feeling squeezed as stress levels regularly rise above pre-pandemic levels, resulting in increasingly siloed approaches to airport personnel issues.

As a result, there is a pressing need for members of the airport workforces, including middle and upper management teams, to be more competent communicators in order to break through these silos so greater unity can be had in approaching these challenging times. This Communication Master Class will initially focus on developing the specific communication skill of listening, which will allow participants to both better hear and be heard at work, and enable them to better convince and persuade their teams.

Course Presentors


Brian Shapiro

Professional/Organizational Communications Education, Training & Leadership Development

President, Shapiro Communications, LLC

Instructor at University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School & Organizational Dynamics Programs

27+ years of professional/organizational communication education, training, and leadership development experience in private, public, and academic settings. Brian has worked with airports across the United States, including Philadelphia International Airport (PHL), Portland International Airport (PDX), and Louisville International Airport (SDF). He has designed and delivered programs covering airport customer experience and employee engagement, with emphasis on developing advanced empathy and listening skills.