Airport Concessions Database Report (2021)

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The 430-page Airport Concessions Database Report assesses the pre-COVID pandemic sales performance of duty free * retail and food & beverage concessions at over 200 airports in more than 85 countries around the world based on the benchmarking of specific key performance indicators like spend per passenger as well as sales per square metre.

The Airport Concessions Database Database also includes information on:

Pre-COVID commercial space density (expressed as square metres/million pax) at 100 airports and airport groups, as well as current ownership of airport concessions and the expiry dates of concessions (where applicable and available).

The information presented in this report will be useful to retailers and food & beverage operators, airport concessionaires, airport operators, airport investors, airport terminal planners consultants and other organizations which are interested in the benchmarking and the planning of commercial operations at airports around the world.

In addition, the availability of information on concession expiry dates will be useful to parties looking out and planning for new concession bids.

Our information on the commercial business at the various airports and airport groups was collected from various sources in the public domain including government agencies, company registries, news articles, press releases, equity research reports, bond statements, annual reports and financial statements.

We believe that the information gathered and compiled in this report will provide meaningful and up-to-date intelligence on the global airport commercial business as well as provide support in terms of airport commercial performance benchmarking as well as commercial space planning.

* Duty Free & Travel Retail classification at airports in the European Union