Airport Investor Boot Camp

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Course Synopsis


The Airport Investment Boot Camp covers the fundamentals of airport private sector investment, development and operations.

We explore key factors driving the growing global airport privatization trend, including examination of the often conflicting government, operator, investor, contractor, airline and community objectives.

The key elements that make airports attractive to infrastructure investors will also be examined, along with pricing comparables, revenue and traffic development fundamental, capital planning and investment implications and risk factors and relationships.

Course Presentors


Curtis Grad

Operational Transition & Change Management

Modalis Infrastructure Partners Inc., Canada - Partner, President & CEO

Airport Internation Group, Amman Airport, Jordan - CEO

Hermes Airports Ltd., Larnaka Airport, Cyprus - General Manager

MBJ Airports Ltd., Montego Bay Airport, Jamaica - VP Operations

Greater Victoria Harbour Authority, Canada – President & CEO

25+ years of international executive-level experience in transportation divestiture and privatization, including airport and port infrastructure and operations in Canada, as well as airports in Jamaica, Cyprus and Jordan. Multi-modal start-up, transition, operational readiness and turn-around specialist

Frode Skulbru

M&A, Due Diligence & Bid Development

Modalis Infrastructure Partners Inc., Canada - Partner & CFO

Uppsala Airport, Sweden - Acting CEO, Board of Directors

Vancouver Airport Services, Canada - Senior Project Director, Business Develop

Alterra Partners, UK - Vice President, Business Develop

20+ years of international airport privatization experience across five continents, including buy/sell side due diligence, bid management and collaboration within multi-party investor and operator context. Proposal development and bid management specialist.