Have Your Say About the Future of Airport Commerce

Kevin Rozario


September 21, 2022

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Take part in Kinetic Consultancy’s newest report on airport commerce by responding to questions in an online survey as outlined below.

Netherlands-based commercial practice Kinetic Consultancy has launched the research phase of its annual study centered around commercial revenues in airports—an important income stream that has been heavily disrupted over the past two years.

Key to the new report, titled The Future of Airport Commerce, will be a survey of industry executives which is designed to generate post-pandemic insights from respondents. The survey is being carried out online and will cover multiple themes such as: trends in airport commerce; the rise of digital technology; categories of the future; business development for non-aeronautical revenue, plus several more. It will take about 30 minutes to complete.

Kinetic’s CEO Martijn Steur said: “Every year we see a great response from the community to our report, and we are once again inviting industry peers to get involved. The most recent editions have asked some tough questions amid the challenges of the COVID19 crisis. We are, again, back into a potentially exciting growth phase for the airport commercial sector and we hope that our report can play a small part in the discussion of its future direction.”

How Different Will the Future Be?


Steur: “We are, again, back into a potentially exciting growth phase for the airport commercial sector.”

Kinetic’s Head of Research, Juriaan van Waalwijk, added: “The most difficult question to answer when conducting research is, what will the future hold. A good way to approach this is to be open and share perspectives, as well as listen. This has produced some very accurate predictions and trend forecasts in our previous reports, and we are seeking to replicate that this year.”

The consultancy is especially interested to hear from airport commercial stakeholders willing to share their views. As part of the analysis, a group of airport commercial experts is lined up for extended interviews based on the themes of the survey to add balance and insight.

The final report will be free to download and made available to stakeholders right across the international airport commercial sector.

Kinetic Consultancy has worked with a number of retailers, airports and other high-footfall traffic spaces in helping to increase spending. Among them have been Vienna International Airport, the RAI Amsterdam Exhibition & Conference Centre, Albron and HMS Host International, both primarily involved in catering and foodservice.

Lagardere Travel RetailNow is the Time for Foresight

The practice says: “We understand that the future is there for predictive businesses. As a high-traffic industry specialist we understands the current and future criteria that contribute to success.”

Earlier this year, one of the word’s biggest travel retailers, France’s Lagardère Travel Retail, released an in-depth survey of the food and retail business at airports. Called Travel Retail Voices, the study included 25 face-to-face interviews with top airport landlords and brand executives from across the globe plus a quantitative online survey of 200 airports and brands, in 27 countries.

The interviews revealed some useful insights into how airports and brands plan to respond to changing consumer trends and profiles, and to increased digitalization, as well as sustainable business practices. You can download the full report here.