Chile’s AGUNSA Stays Committed to Airport Services Diversification Strategy

By Kevin Rozario (London, United Kingdom)

The airports business of Chilean ports, logistics, distribution and agency group AGUNSA runs air terminals through a number of airport concessions companies. In recent years the company has made lateral moves into services segments such as food and beverage, fuel, ground handling and aims to continue along this path.

The AGUNSA expansion has been led by Director of Investments & Airport Operations Fernando Carrandi.  In the present climate, will the successful strategy be a platform for a bigger geographical push?

The COVID19 pandemic has put the brakes on many strategic activities in the aviation sphere. Chile had just over 20,600 cases and 270 confirmed deaths by May 4 (source: Johns Hopkins University) chiefly concentrated in the metropolitan areas of the capital, Santiago.

Carrandi – also a commercial engineer – remains committed to the broadening of the airport business. He tells airportIR: “Our diversification into landside and airside services is still ongoing and we are making efforts to expand further into other areas. The current situation has put a hold on some activities at airports due to the reduced number of passengers – but not on the plans themselves.”

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