The Next Tranche of Brazilian Airport Privatisations – Opportunities, Threats and Concerns

The privatisation of Brazilian airports by concession is moving into its next phase with the announcement by the Ministry of Transportation, Ports & Civil Aviation (MoTPCA) that the tender documentation for the concession of another 13 airports will be published in November 2018. The concession model will be in three regional blocks outlined as follows:

  • Northeast Block (6): Recife Guararapes; Maceió Zumbi dos Palmares; Joao Pessoa Castro Pinto; Aracaju; Juazeiro do Norte; Campina Grande
  • Central-West Block (5): Cuiaba Marechal Rondon; Sinop; Rondonópolis; Alta Floresta; Barra do Garcas
  • Southeast Block (2): Vitoria Eurico Sales; Macae

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