Montenegro’s Tivat and Podgorica Airports to be Privatised by Concession

In August 2018 the government of Montenegro indicated it plans to issue a tender for the concession of Tivat Airport and Podgorica Golubovci Airport. The Transport and Maritime Ministry said that the concession will cover a 25- to 30-year term and that it had received interest from investors from China, the UAE, Azerbaijan and Canada.

At the time of writing, the process has yet to commence, likely due to a pending property dispute at Tivat International Airport that must likely be solved before a concession can be granted.

Podgorica International Airport (TGD)
“The heart of Montenegro”

Tivat International Airport (TIV)
“The gate of the Adriatic”

Montenegro is a sovereign state in south eastern Europe on the Adriatic Sea which borders Bosnia and Herzegovina to the north; Serbia and Kosovo to the east; Albania to the south and Croatia to the west. The population is just 650,000 making it a little less than twice as populous as Iceland though compacted into a considerably smaller area. Another analogy might be with the cities of Leeds in the U.K., or Baltimore in the U.S.

In 2006 Montenegro’s parliament declared independence from the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro. In 2008, the new country applied for EU membership.

In 2010, the Commission issued a favourable opinion on Montenegro’s application, identifying seven key priorities that would need to be addressed for negotiations to begin, and the Council granted it candidate status.

In December 2011, the Council launched the accession process with a view to opening negotiations in June 2012[1]. Indications suggest that the country may become a full member in 2025.

[1] Source:

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