Bahamas – Family Islands – 6 airports (GGT, ELH, LGI, MHH, GHC, ZSA)

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Bahamas – Family Islands – 6 airports (GGT, ELH, LGI, MHH, GHC, ZSA)


3 Digit Code(s): GGT, ELH, LGI, MHH, GHC, ZSA

Airport(s): Family Island Airports: Exuma (Georgetown), North Eleuthera, Deadman's Cay (Long Island), Abaco (Leonard Thompson), Great Harbour Cay, San Salvador

Current Operator: Gov't of Bahamas

Project Type: Brownfield

Region(s): Caribbean

Transaction Stage: Deal Structuring & Market Sounding

Transaction Category: Primary

Single vs Multi Airport: Multi-airport

Transaction Type: Concession

Grantor(s)/Seller(s): Gov't of Bahamas

Year of Expiry: tbc

Term Length: tbc

Transaction Stake: tbc

Passengers: 820,000 (2018)

Transaction Stake Type: tbd

Aircraft Movements: 28,000 (2018)

Transaction Date: tbc

Cargo (tonnes): tbc

Last updated: Nov 06, 2021

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