The Airport Investor Resource (airportIR) has been developed by Modalis to address a gap in the market. Although the airport privatization sector has seen remarkable growth over the past 25+ years—and is now recognized as a distinct infrastructure/investment asset class in its own right—until now, there have been no sector-specific business intelligence tools available to key industry players such as;

•  Airport Operators
•  Grantors & Governments
•  Lenders & Brokers
•  Industry Associations
•  Corporate & Travel Trade

•  Private Equity
•  Pension Funds
•  Sovereign Wealth
•  Family Offices
•  Advisors & Consultants

•  Supply chain
•  Researchers
•  Academia
•  Media
•  Legal

The airportIR platform has been designed to provide these key players with insight, analysis and industry intel on private-sector airport transactions, development and investment opportunities, as well as various critical resources including training courses, technical reports and other important resource materials.